I think that this website has run its course and I will add a new one.  I will put the link on this page on the front, but I need a fresh start.  Thanks for everything, and its been a wild ride!

Yessssssssssssssssssss summer is here. as you can see there are new viedos and a costom search engin.


MAJOR UPDATES!  The name says it all.


Sorry for not posting anything in a while, I am busy.  I am on my first day with out having to do anything after school.  I have put some new games on so enjoy.


To flow bro, i will try to add more games


I like beeing in shows.  Have you ever been in a show?  If so, please list them under comments.  I hope if you have the oppertunity, to go and auddition for a show.  Yours truely,                                             Garlicguy


I love North Carolina!  Everything is different.  But it's nice to be with my grandparents.  And everywhere I look there is something exquisite.GTG.


Another great Broadway hit, about making a Broadway hit!  [Title of show] is a great performance and has an amazing set: 4 chairs and a piano.  I recommend it to any person who likes shows and has a free day.  Please tell me if I should change the post... don't change it, change it, don't change it, don't change a thing.  Go see [Title of Show]!



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I just went to boy scout camp and it was good.  I got to get 3 merit badges, shoot a 22 cal. gun, shoot a bow and arrow, make a fire, buy a knife, and much more. 


I bet you've gone to the beach at least once or twice, so which one is the best?  Which one has the best boardwalk?  Which one has the nicest residents?  Just leave a comment to this and when it asks for your name, do a fake one if you're uncomfortable.  (you don't have to do the other stuff)