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I think that this website has run its course and I will add a new one.  I will put the link on this page on the front, but I need a fresh start.  Thanks for everything, and its been a wild ride!

Sorry for not posting anything in a while, I am busy.  I am on my first day with out having to do anything after school.  I have put some new games on so enjoy.



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I just went to boy scout camp and it was good.  I got to get 3 merit badges, shoot a 22 cal. gun, shoot a bow and arrow, make a fire, buy a knife, and much more. 





I have to be crew for this play.  Plus, I have to be there every night.  If I didn't have to, there would problay be more updates for the site.  But I can't's better than watching it a billion times!  Anyway, I sometimes get to read my book.


I rock at Lego StarWars: The Complete Saga.  I have beaten all the episodes and a lot of the bounty hunter ones.  I have bought 2 ghosts and lots of extras.  Also I've bought all the ships and all the other characters.  (one more ghost and I'm done!)


Nothing really intresting today.  Another day of summer.  But I might go blueberry collecting.  Last time we picked 10 pounds of blueberries!  Let me tell you, 25 dollars well spent.  Goodbye for now, y'all.