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I think that this website has run its course and I will add a new one.  I will put the link on this page on the front, but I need a fresh start.  Thanks for everything, and its been a wild ride!

MAJOR UPDATES!  The name says it all.


I was editing my site when I saw the you tube video box.  So I thought  "I should put video on my site.  Or maby not..."  But then I decided to let you decide.  If you want video or not, please leave a comment saying yes or no and why. 


Sorry I couldn't do a 4th of July post.  My computer kept freezing up.  It's much better now.  I had a great time at a friend's party.  We played games and had food.  We had a great time and went home after pie and cake.  All around... good 4th


This is probaly the coolest thing in computers that has happened to me!  I finally have my own website.  And that's not all!  After this I get to go to the beach.  This is going to be one fun day for me!  Hey, what's that thing?>> Got to go, bye. :)