If you've been on, you'll know why I recommended it on my Games+Links page.  It has something for everyone.  It has games and videos and downloads plus much more.  So if you haven't tried it , click on the link above.





I have to be crew for this play.  Plus, I have to be there every night.  If I didn't have to, there would problay be more updates for the site.  But I can't's better than watching it a billion times!  Anyway, I sometimes get to read my book.


I was editing my site when I saw the you tube video box.  So I thought  "I should put video on my site.  Or maby not..."  But then I decided to let you decide.  If you want video or not, please leave a comment saying yes or no and why. 


I rock at Lego StarWars: The Complete Saga.  I have beaten all the episodes and a lot of the bounty hunter ones.  I have bought 2 ghosts and lots of extras.  Also I've bought all the ships and all the other characters.  (one more ghost and I'm done!)


Nothing really intresting today.  Another day of summer.  But I might go blueberry collecting.  Last time we picked 10 pounds of blueberries!  Let me tell you, 25 dollars well spent.  Goodbye for now, y'all.


Sorry I couldn't do a 4th of July post.  My computer kept freezing up.  It's much better now.  I had a great time at a friend's party.  We played games and had food.  We had a great time and went home after pie and cake.  All around... good 4th


This is probaly the coolest thing in computers that has happened to me!  I finally have my own website.  And that's not all!  After this I get to go to the beach.  This is going to be one fun day for me!  Hey, what's that thing?>> Got to go, bye. :)